The Sesh, Hull, 2016

As well as the band related images I took, here are a selection of “general” images, ranging from the wonderful pastries outside 1884 Dock Street Kitchen, to first thing in the morning – setting up the gin bar outside The Minerva, to one of the sound engineers on stage rolling up his trousers for some fresh air – either that or he thought the Hokey Cokey was about to start. On a more serious note, a first responder cycle ready for action, reminding us of the brilliant job the emergency services do for us all. Then – the MAN himself, first thing in the morning on walkabout just before Pavey Ark kicked off on the Minerva stage.


The Sesh – Al Kilvo

One of my main reasons for going was to see Al Kilvo and the guys. David Barton had joined Al, owing to Johnny Pat not being fully fit, so there were two pianos.

Joining Al and David were Keith Cheeseman (Ched) on bass and Dave Harvey on drums.

The Sesh – Danny Landau

Another good band, fronted by Danny Landau, performing on the BP sponsored stage at The Sesh. There’s a shedload of good musicians around at the moment. Reminds me of when I started playing in the mid ’60’s. Anyway – I digress, here’s a few images from the short time they were on stage :-

The Sesh – Izzy Thomas

There were some really good bands at The Sesh – on early afternoon before it chucked it down were one of them – Izzy Thomas and her band. Here are a few images from the set.

The Sesh 2014 – Neil Posto Deanes

I watched this artist last year and thoroughly enjoyed his talent – I can’t draw for toffee. So, when I saw he was there, I wanted to make a note of the start to finish process and kept coming back throughout the day. I was concerned that the downpour might have ruined the day for him but it didn’t. Thanks for keeping me well entertained Neil and I hope your subject enjoyed the finished article.

The Sesh, Hull 2013

I thought I’d drop by to The Sesh for a while to see the creative talent that we have in Hull – I wasn’t disappointed. I took my new Fuji X20 for a roadtest.