Holiday time

We decided to wait until late this year so we could go on a cruise to Greek Islands, Adriatic and Venice. We left the day George Clooney arrived to get married – well, he didn’t send us an invite did he….

Anyway, we had a brilliant time aboard the Azamara Quest, first time with them and certainly not the last. I took around 1000 images and a quick scan through the first couple of days gave me this selection. More to come in subsequent posts

Church of the Holy Apostles Sunset out of Athens Temple of Athena Nike The Acropolis by night The Erechtheum Theatre of Dionysus


I wanted to take some images at Paull – the weather had calmed down a little and there looked to be a good chance of a sunset. I had originally wanted to go up to Stone Creek but there was not much doing apart from some hardy bird watchers and some fellow photogs with rather large lenses. I think they had been after birds and other wildlife.

Anyway – here’s the results, some taken from just next to the lighthouse and some from the comfort of the Royal Oak beergarden where I enjoyed a quick half whilst waiting for sunset.