VE Day Anniversary Air Show – RAF Duxford

I’d had this day booked for a while and having been to a show at RAF Waddington last year with my friend Tony Beasty, I had seen the line up and was really looking forward to it. I wasn’t prepared for just how good the show was and there will be quite a number of posts on the day. When people say take extra memory cards and batteries for a day like this, they REALLY do mean it. I exhausted 2 batteries and over 40GB of memory. So much so that I had to switch to jpeg format to save some space at the end. I’ll know better next time. Here are a couple of images of the Red Arrows but there are many more on the “VE Day Anniversary Air Show – RAF Duxford” page.

If you’ve never been to an Air Show – grab the opportunity….

Red Arrows 3 Red Arrows 7 Red Arrows 9 Red Arrows 11 Red Arrows 16

Veterans’ Day, East Park, Hull

Lovely weather and a lot of action and things going on in East Park prompted a huge turnout on Sunday 27th for the Veterans’ Day. The highlight was a flypast from three WW2 aircraft and the same from the Red Arrows. I’d like to have seen more of the Red Arrows as they only made one pass, but they had been in Sunderland earlier in the day, seen by my friend, Pete Stockton and then were due in Lincoln after being in Hull so a long day of concentration no doubt. Here’s a couple of images from the day :-

Red Arrows Veterans Day Veterans day flypast 1