North Yorkshire Waterfalls+

My friend Pete Stockton and I, decided to have a day photographing red squirrels in Hawes – that post comes later. We needed something to fill our first day so naturally, waterfalls and landscapes were the order of the day. We started fairly late after brunch in Leyburn and then went up to West Burton. Not as much water there as we thought – considering there had been a stack of water the preceding day, not too far away where Pete lives. Nevertheless, we had a good couple of hours there, then moved on to Cotter Force and finally up to Keld where we saw a good barn with a few clouds, so here are some images from our excursion :-

Sunderland Air Show 2016

My fellow photographer Pete Stockton asked me if I wanted to go to the Sunderland air show. It’s a free show held on the seafront and had a great programme of events so I said yes.

The weather was awful – the sky was either grey or white or both and it was raining most of the day. I got wet, he got wet, the cameras got wet, despite having raincoats on them and we stood from 9:00am until shortly after 4 when the show finished. Sensibly, the organisers had brought the flying displays forward in an effort to try and dodge some of the rain.

I wasn’t entirely successful with my images on the day and therefore we’re going to have another attempt later in the year – nevertheless, here are a few from the outing :-

North Yorkshire calls

I have a friend up in the North East, called Pete Stockton, from a Photography forum called Canon Fodder Forums. We’ve met on a number of group shoots with CFF but as I had just got a new DSLR, the same as his, we decided to swap info and go on a couple of days shoot. When you’re planning a while in advance, you get what the weather gives you and typically, we had good and bad. Got soaked to the skin last Sunday at Thomason Foss but fared a lot better the following day at Saltwick Bay and Falling Foss. Here’s some images from the day :-

Admiral von Tromp at Saltwick Bay-1 Falling Foss Staithes tonemapped-2-Edit-2