Summerhills Force

Following on from the previous post. I found Summerhills Force to be the most interesting of the three falls that we visited. There are a number of alternative tracks to walk – we only covered the right hand bank as you walk towards the falls. The left hand bank leads you away from the water and over a hill and I’m looking forward to that next time. There’s a great vantage point for an image about half way down. I’m unsure which I prefer – whether it’s the power of the main fall with the cave behind it, or the patterns made by the water, or the overall length with the minor falls as well. Everyone will, I hope, have their own favourite too. This place is well worth a visit. There’s a good car park and a short walk across the road leads you down to Low Force.

A short drive up the road takes you to High Force and you can photograph the Force from both sides of the water. The light had just gone from the main Force so my set of images weren’t anything special – I’d need to visit earlier in the day to get what I wanted.

I hope you like these of Summerhills Force.

Summerhills Falls 2 Summerhills Falls 3 Summerhills Force top

Low Force

There was a lot of rain earlier this week so quite fortuitously a friend and I had decided to venture up to High Force, Low Force and Summerhills Force to capture what we though would be great images. We weren’t disappointed – and just to confirm our choice, the car parks at each place were full!

We found a lovely little pub called The Strathmore Arms, just a few miles out of Middleton in Teesdale, well worth it. A further journey down to West Burton had been on the cards but by the time we’d walked over 5 miles with backpacks on and taken a good number of images, the sun was starting to descend and we’d have been out of light. Still, there’s always another day…

Here’s an image of Low Force :-

Low force