f4 Photographic Group – Staying at Home

All we are being asked to do is stay home, stay safe, eat, drink, sleep and look after ourselves. It doesn’t sound that hard does it but we’re all getting cabin fever to some degree. At f4 Photographic, we’ve started to hold on line meetings via Zoom and of course we’ve had to change our programme to reflect the remote access via laptops. We had a “Photographs I took this week” competition which was quite interesting and we incorporated a macro inspired “Can you guess what it is yet?” element as well. We’re managing to hold our internal club PDI competitions but likely we’ll hold all our print comps later in the year to catch up.

Anyway, here’s a few “Photographs I took this week”.

Stay Safe.


Flash Flooding

It’s a weird old world. One day you’re on holiday, another you’re photographing the delights of Cottingham day and then the heavens open and you’re mopping up flood water and appearing on Look North and Calendar.

The rain appeared from nowhere and within reaching the bottom of my driveway, had come past the front of the house and covered the airbricks around it. I was feeling underwater for them in order to get the covers on that I had bought following the last flood in 2007. Further defensive measures to be taken I believe. To all my wonderful neighbours – a huge thank you for coming to our help with buckets and brushes.

DSCF1549 DSCF1552 DSCF1553 DSCF1554

Cottingham Day 2014

Here’s a few images from a great day out at Cottingham Day across the weekend. There was a stage set up on the Green and musicians were also playing at various places around the village. I hadn’t much time but fortunately managed to see Soul Patrol and another couple of musicians whilst there. A large number of folk on the Green too which was good to see – hope you all enjoyed yourselves…..

Cottingham Green on Cottingham Day Musicians at Cottingham Day Singer at Cottingham Day Soul Patrol Soul Patrol 2

Creyke Beck transformer delivery

If you thought batteries were getting smaller – take a look at this one. Well – not a battery that will power your camera (unless of course you want it frying) but a transformer to replace one damaged at Creyke Beck substation earlier this year in a fire. There is one truck pulling, one pushing and a brave chap sitting on the side of the trailer steering it around all the tight bends down Park Lane in Cottingham. We’ve never seen so much excitement on a Sunday morning for a long time.

Bell Truck Services

Bell Truck Services

Allelys Heavy Haulage 1

Allelys Heavy Haulage 1

Convoy 2

Walking pace

Convoy 3

Allelys Heavy Haulage

Rear Gunner

Rear Gunner