Yorkshire Wildlife Park

I took the opportunity to be chauffeured for the day with Wayne and Lynne, the soon to be Mrs Porter. We went for a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park – somewhere they go to on a regular basis but one to which I’ve never been before. One thing I noticed about the place was that they are working hard to add extra enclosures for a good range of animals and they seem to be large, comfortable enclosures, not keeping the animals cramped. I’d prefer to see them in the wild like we all would, but there is a good feel to the site. It was quite windy so a lot of dust kicking up but it didn’t stop the enjoyment. I’d notched up just under 7km by the time we got home so was ready for some vino collapso!

Here are a few of the images from the day.

MacawTigerTigersSquirrel MonkeysLeopardPainted DogCamel and mini camelMarmoset

Bees and buzzy things

There’s a number of shrubs in my garden which attract bees and hover-flies like you wouldn’t believe. Anyway, I got the macro lens out yesterday and decided to have a go. Hovers are easier than bees – there’s so much pollen on the flowers they just won’t settle for long enough. So, I was quite pleased to get these

Chowder Ness

An evening last week with the f4 Photographic Group across the river at Chowder Ness. There were a lot of nasty flying things that just wanted to bite me so I didn’t get a lot of images. I had bought a product called Smidge which came well recommended, but the instructions about not getting it in certain parts of the body put me off so I was uncovered. Fortunately, my daughter has got me some Avon skin so soft which is also recommended so I’ll be wearing that tomorrow.

There was a nice little family group of swans which I thought looked good in semi soft focus mode – hope you like them :-

Swan family2soft focus

Isle of Mull

Just spent three great days on the Isle of Mull with the f4 photographic group. We were taking pictures of eagles, puffins and anything else that came our way. I stayed at the Strongarbh House in Tobermory, run by Adrian and Jane who were suberb hosts and the house is thoroughly recommended.

We took two trips out on the Lady Jayne, skippered by Martin, who showed us some beautiful sights, knew where all the best places were and we came back with a bag full of good images. Mind you, my camera was playing up a bit so I binned more than I saved. Can’t wait for the next time.

Nearly made it Salen boats Tobermory simple pano White tailed eagle 3 White tailed eagle 7 White Tailed Eagle