Freedom Festival Hull 2015

I only had the opportunity to go on the Sunday out of the three great days of this festival. Still, I got the best day weatherwise and it was just brilliant to see so many good bands.

Young Jack were headlining the Bridge stage but I got there in time to see Gracie Falls, Fronteers and Skinny Living as well.

To the keyboard player in Young Jack – I’ll get you next time!

Hope you like the images :-

Fronteers 1 Fronteers 2 Fronteers 3 Fronteers 4 Fronteers 5 Gracie Falls 1 Gracie Falls 2 Gracie Falls 3 Skinny Living 1 Skinny Living 2 Skinny Living 3 Skinny Living 4 Skinny Living 5 Young Jack 1 Young Jack 2 Young Jack 3 Young Jack 4 Young Jack 5 Young Jack 6 Young Jack 7 Young Jack 9

Humber Street Sesh 2015

Well another stonking show organised by Mark Page and his team for the Humber Street Sesh last Saturday. No shortage of live entertainment in different venues. The best standard of bands and also a big shout for the sound crews who were well in control. I walked about 8.5 miles overall and covered a number of bands and a couple of solo artistes. I’d like to say that a particular band stood out – but they were all superb. Best show put on I think went to Young Jack. I hope you like the images on here, both of acts and the “other stuff” without which the event couldn’t take place.

Young Jack 5 Young Jack 4 Young Jack 3 Young Jack 2 Young Jack 1 We are Hull The Mighty and the moon 4 The Mighty and the moon 3 The Mighty and the moon 2 The Mighty and the moon 1 The Dyr sister The Bluebeany Lounge Terry Bell Signs at The Sesh Shed No9 Selfie Pearls Cab Ride 8 Pearls Cab Ride 7 Pearls Cab Ride 6 Pearls Cab Ride 5 Pearls Cab Ride 4 Pearls Cab Ride 3 Pearls Cab Ride 2 Pearls Cab Ride 1 Office Party Multinational cuisine Minerva Pimms bar Minerva early doors Mark Page 1 Kristian Eastwood Kristian Eastwood band Kristian Eastwood band Tammy Kristian Eastwood band 8 Kristian Eastwood band 7 Kristian Eastwood band 6 Kristian Eastwood band 5 Kristian Eastwood band 4 Kristian Eastwood Band 3 Kristian Eastwood band 2 Kristian Eastwood 3 Kristian Eastwood 2 Indigo Bones Indigo Bones 7 Indigo Bones 6 Indigo Bones 5 Indigo Bones 4 Indigo Bones 3 Indigo Bones 2 Freedom Festival FRCA Collective Frankie Flowers 3 Frankie Flowers 2 Frankie Flowers 1 First Aid team Event Staff Main stage Directions Dead Bod Copenhagen 7 Copenhagen 6 Copenhagen 5 Copenhagen 4 Copenhagen 3 Copenhagen 2 Copenhagen 1 Bluebeany Affairs 7 Affairs 6 Affairs 4 Affairs 3 Affairs 2 Affairs 1

Cottingham Day

In all the excitement that goes with preparation for a wedding, I’d completely forgotten about Cottingham Day. I didn’t spend as much time there as in previous years but here are a few from the day. I must say though, the models outside Maxine Rae must have had a heck of a job getting in and out. Great Zumba routines on the school playing field as well. If we hadn’t just come back from holiday, Sue would have been amongst them. Lovely view from the top of St Mary’s Church too.

… and look at the price of meat…..

F Pullan - The old days Hull Kingston Rovers dance troupe2 Maxine Rae The Bell ringer View from St Mary's church Zumba

Frankie Flowers

Cottingham Springboard Festival was on over the last weekend but as I was going down to RAF Duxford for the VE Day Anniversary Air Show, I only managed one set at The Olive Garden, Hallgate, Cottingham. I went to see Frankie Flowers, singer/songwriter daughter of Kevin & Claire Hutchinson. I used to work with Kevin at Romeo & Juliets in Hull in the ’70’s and also at Jacksons Club in Hull.

Anyway, I digress – she was very good indeed and I would have liked to have stayed longer.

Frankie 1 Frankie 2 Frankie 3 Frankie 4 Frankie 5

Selfie in St Mark’s Square

Don’t simple pictures make you happy? I thought this when I saw a couple taking a selfie of themselves in St Mark’s Square. I’d love to know who they were and what they were doing there. She seems really happy and he looks amused at the image on the screen and both were totally oblivious to me taking their picture. If you know them – point them in this direction and I’ll send them the original

Selfie in Venice

The Sesh – Al Kilvo

One of my main reasons for going was to see Al Kilvo and the guys. David Barton had joined Al, owing to Johnny Pat not being fully fit, so there were two pianos.

Joining Al and David were Keith Cheeseman (Ched) on bass and Dave Harvey on drums.

The Sesh – Danny Landau

Another good band, fronted by Danny Landau, performing on the BP sponsored stage at The Sesh. There’s a shedload of good musicians around at the moment. Reminds me of when I started playing in the mid ’60’s. Anyway – I digress, here’s a few images from the short time they were on stage :-