“Let’s go to Haworth – we’ve not been there before” – OK, I reply, we can see the little cobble streets, the Bronte Falls, Top Withens and Hardcastle Crags. So that’s the plan. We settled for a small hotel in the centre of Haworth called The Old Registry and manage to book the last room. A small room with a lovely view of the hills in the distance through a tilting skylight window.

A pleasant drive later we start to notice a lot of cars on the way into Haworth and crawling traffic. Something must be on this week-end we think. It was – we must have been the only people in Yorkshire not to realise that we’d booked on the Haworth ’40’s weekend, when all we wanted was a quiet time. Still, it gave Sue an idea of what the Woodhall Spa event was like that I try to get to. So we took some photos, (I managed one of my glamourous assistant dancing along to a lady singing ’40’s ditties), had a stroll and ate in a local restaurant. The following day we went up to Bronte Falls or more precisely Bronte Dribbles and then went on to Hardcastle Crags. The weather there was lovely and we had a strenuous walk around the place before walking back to eat at the hotel. Joe, our receptionist, bartender, waiter and purveyor of local knowledge was excellent – thanks Joe.

The next morning, we went to get some cash from the local hole in the wall only to find out that the ONLY hole in the wall in Haworth had run out of cash over the weekend. As most of the shops in Haworth were shut, having either made a shedload of cash over the weekend or being too tired, we decided to take a slow drive home. Nice place. Here’s some images :-

The Back Room – Cottingham

So, I found myself last night frequenting The Back Room, splendid venue owned by very long time friend Paul Sutton and his wife Gilly. Paul puts on a lot of live music and it’s great quality too. Headlining last night the excellent Amanda Rheaume Band, supported by the extremely talented Dennis Ellsworth. An all Canadian bill and not surprisingly they didn’t know of each other before they arrived (well it IS a big country so they say). Apparently the drive from Edinburgh to Hull for Amanda and her band was a bit like going to the shops in Canada….

I’d urge anyone who hasn’t been to The Back Room before and appreciates good music, to take a look at their page on Facebook, or look at the schedule on their website and get down there.

Here’s a few images from the show :-

The Fork Handles at The Duke of Cumberland

A rare visit for me to see some old chums from my playing days, including Phil Tebbs who was up from darn sarf for a few days. I’d been to F4 Photographic Group meeting at King Billy and as Dunc had told me the Forks were gigging at The Duke of Cumberland for an evening to see how it went, with a view to a permanent Thursday gig – I took the camera down. Very dark in there so the images are a bit grainy.

The boys played wonderfully well and the huge crowd in there, lots of them regular Forks supporters, were well entertained. The guys are back next Thursday so well worth a trip – if you can get in.

I like live music, always have done – some of those amongst us make it look so easy they can do it with their eyes closed – well done Dunc!


The Sesh, Hull, 2016

As well as the band related images I took, here are a selection of “general” images, ranging from the wonderful pastries outside 1884 Dock Street Kitchen, to first thing in the morning – setting up the gin bar outside The Minerva, to one of the sound engineers on stage rolling up his trousers for some fresh air – either that or he thought the Hokey Cokey was about to start. On a more serious note, a first responder cycle ready for action, reminding us of the brilliant job the emergency services do for us all. Then – the MAN himself, first thing in the morning on walkabout just before Pavey Ark kicked off on the Minerva stage.


The Sesh, Hull, 2016

Well, if you wanted culture last weekend and probably the best place to be for live music in the world, THIS was it! A brilliant line-up of bands and solo artistes, great street food, entertainers and all put together by a really pro, dedicated team. I didn’t get chance to see all the bands that I intended to – by early evening I was flagging and after 6+ miles walking around, the feet had had enough.

Fab fish & chips at The Minerva served by a super girl who looked after my camera gear whilst I waited at the bar to order. XX

I found that despite the number of live venues all kicking off at similar times, there was still good audio separation on each stage and the sound wasn’t confused. The sun came out – 90’s Boy revved the crowd up well, although I missed his 9.30 spot and I really enjoyed all the bands that I saw – there were favourites of course but we were blessed with an abundance of talent – thanks guys.

Here’s some pics :-

Woodhall Spa 40’s event

I’d seen this event advertised a long while ago and decided to go take a look. I then saw a post from an f4 chum, Dave Robson, who had said that he was going as his girlfriend Tina lives there. The drive through Lincolnshire countryside was peaceful apart from the numerous motorbikes on the winding roads – I’m sure they enjoyed it too.

Once in Woodhall Spa I parked up in a field and asked how far the walk was into town – “400 yards” he said. Well according to the iPhone app, nearly a mile and a half later I arrived where I needed to be and grabbed a coffee and waited for Dave & Tina. I took a seat on the lawn at the Petwood Hotel, home of the Dambusters. If I’d been a Dambuster I’d have lived there myself. What a charming hotel. I sat and listened to Heather Marie singing war era songs very well and dozed a bit in the lovely sunshine. There had been talk of the Lancaster flying over but it had only just been repaired from an engine fire some time ago and it was thought unlikely. However, it was being put through it’s paces in the sky although a long way up and away from the village – just being careful I guess. Someone near me said he thought that it probably wouldn’t have the necessary paperwork in place to enable it to fly at a display yet.

I decided to take a wander across the road into the park and look at everything going on there. US tanks and vehicles, 40’s fire engines and a huge number of folk in period costume which looked spectacular. Had a text from Dave saying they’d had a late night at the Kinema in the Woods – they arrived a while later and we had breakfast/lunch.

There was a war re-enactment at the Petwood but as we were having lunch – we missed it, although we heard the explosions of course. In any event, there was another re-enactment at the Golf Hotel just round the corner later, so we went to that one instead. One the way there, we saw Mr Churchill just getting into his Humber motorcar on the way to address his public at the Golf Hotel. After the Golf Hotel I decided to make a move in order to avoid the traffic. The flypast advertised for 2pm hadn’t happened so I assumed it wasn’t going to. Just as we stood up to go, a throaty Merlin engine noise came from above and we saw a beautiful Spitfire fly over.I waited just in case anything else came but it didn’t so off I went. I’d just got in the car and put everything away when another plane came over and I missed it – never mind, I’d had such a great day. Not many images to show for it but I hope you like them. Taken with the Panasonic Lumix GX8 – it’s light and portable to walk around with. PS – if anyone recognises the two ladies taking a selfie at the Petwood, if they contact me I’ll let them have a copy of the image.

Cottingham Food & Drink Festival 2015

I was looking forward to this years Festival because I’ve just taken delivery of a Panasonic Lumix GX8 which I intend to use on holiday, rather than take the 5D and backpack. So for it’s first outing, what better than a whizz around Cottingham and be fed and watered at the same time.

There were a good amount of exhibitors but I went in the morning as opposed to the afternoon last year and so it didn’t feel as busy as I thought it was going to be. Still – lots of goodies on show. The first port of call was to my old mate Tony Patrick (www.macaronman.com) from whom Sue bought a decent sized selection of macaroons – jolly nice too.

Lots of sweet and savoury stuff and great drinks, especially at the Atom Beer Company. I didn’t stop to watch the cooking demonstrations in the main marquee, the stalls were too inviting, maybe next year.

Anyway, chocolate, pies, macaroons, Sardinian delicacies and beer in hand we went home for lunch and literally recharge the batteries – here are a few images :-

Atom Beers Fitzpatricks cordialsButterflies Chocolates Muffins
Cottingham Food and Drink Main stage

Erica Jayne
Explosive Chilli plant  The Blending Room

MeringuesThe Cake decorators
  Patrick Macarons

Riverside Organics

Sugar and Spice Cakes
  Vanessa steak pie

Toffee Mallow Crisp
  Twisted ChilliWhite Rabbit Chocolates Yorkshire Wold Sausage