Walking Netball

Sue and the ladies of Haltemprice Walking Netball had a tournament last week with a couple of other fairly local teams. It was held at the Hull University facility where I photographed Men City recently. A brilliant place which caters for many different sports. There were supposed to be 5 teams taking part but 2 were coming from well out of town and with the current uncertainty about coronavirus I think they were erring on the cautious side, so 3 teams turned up.

The ladies had a good session and for some players, the term walking hasn’t quite filtered down. Nevertheless, Haltemprice came out on top and added another trophy to their almost full cabinet. Here are some images from the day :-


Men City

No, it’s not a typo! Men City is a not for profit project that aims to encourage more men to play football. Taking place four times a week, the sessions are relaxed but competetive and encourage men of all ages, abilities and fitness levels to participate in the beautiful game. there is no pressure to turn up every week with participants invited to attend as and when they are available.

Here is a link to their Facebook page where you can see more information, but to whet your appetite, here are a few images from last week.


Hull Floodlight Football Cup Final

I was asked by Chris Johnson of the East Riding FA – Clubs and Participation Development Officer, to cover the Hull Floodlight Football winter cup final between HUBS and Malet 2.0. It was a cold evening but the rain that had been forecast kept away until a 30 second flurry at the very end of the game. Here are some images from the evening, the game having been won by Malet 2.0 3-2.


Walking Netball Festival

Sue asked me to go along to a walking netball festival at Hull University last week. There were 4 teams playing, Haltemprice, The Cavers, Withernsea and Age Concern. It was a competetive affair with Haltemprice winning a trophy but it’s fair to say that it was a close session. The teams were celebrating the beginning of walking netball for them 4 years ago. There are more and more teams starting up in the area which can only be a good thing.

Here’s some photos from the day :-

East Riding County FA

Having had the pleasure of photographing the Hull Floodlight Football Summer League across this summer with the f4 Photographic Group, courtesy of Chris Johnson at ERCFA, I was asked to cover one of their under 7’s days at the Roy West Centre in Hull. There are a number of 3G surfaced pitches, well laid out and ideal for the kids to have a really good day out – and it was. There were between 30 – 40 teams and up to 9 matches all going on at the same time. A morning session and then an afternoon session. Hull City Manager Nigel Adkins was there, as was Roary, the Tigers’ mascot and Hull City legend Dean Windass came along too. They were interviewed for TV and videoed for a programme to be aired later in the day. All in all, a great way to get kids enthused about the health benefits of sport (including Smokefree sidelines) and also to teach them about team spirit and working together. ERCFA are also looking to promote football in other areas –  girls and womens football are now especially popular in light of the recent success of the womens’ national team. Here’s a selection of “action” shots from the day – if you want the whole lot, including teams, they’re over on Flickr – here.


Hull Floodlight Football Summer League

This year in the f4 Photographic Group, we looked for some extra photo opportunities around us and one suggestion was to look for sporting events. I asked around various places and found Chris Johnson at the East Riding FA. He was very helpful and said that we could go down to photograph the Summer League on a Monday evening, and, with a programme running over a few months, it was ideal for sustained practise at something different. They are at Hull #FFL on Facebook. There are some of the f4 images on the FB page – here are some of mine.

Hull Raceway

I needed some action shots for a club competition so asked the guys at Hull Raceway if I could pop down and take some pictures. This would be a test of my panning, focussing and lowlight camera skills. For the technically minded, I found myself in a variety of lighting levels, ranging from ISO 2500 (using the 56mm f1.2 Fujinon) and ISO12800 (using the 50-140 f2.8 on my Fuji X-T2.

The guys were really helpful and there was non-stop action all the time that I was there. Here are a few of the images I took – comments welcome!


North Ferriby United vs Woking

I decided to try something different yesterday. I rang North Ferriby United to see if I could take some images of their match with Woking. I was given some advice on how to obtain a Media pass for the National League which I found very useful and also was allowed to go down for the match.

North Ferriby won 2-1 which will help in their fight to stay up. Here are a few images from the day :-

Fosse Hill Jetski & Caravan Park

There was an event on at Fosse Hill on Saturday and I took the opportunity to practise a bit of sport photography on the site. There were a number of competitions, novice riders, including John – a young at heart 62, and more experienced riders later, followed by the “Show us your best trick” competition. I had to leave before the results were announced but here’s a sample of what went on :-

Fosse Hill Jet ski Centre

One of the evenings we were fortunate to enjoy as part of the f4 photographic group this year was at the Fosse Hill jet ski centre. I had been approaching the evening with some degree of concern owing to the fact that it was my first trip out with the 100-400 lens and 5D mkiii since the Isle of Mull, when a camera problem prevented me from getting any usable images at all. Now corrected thanks to the lovely people at H Lehmann, Stoke on Trent.

Anyway, I digress – here are a few of the images from the evening and I can’t wait for another session. Thanks to Jon Teal for organising it for us all.

Fosse Hill 1400px 12 Fosse Hill 1400px 11 Fosse Hill 1400px 10 Fosse Hill 1400px 9 Fosse Hill 1400px 8 Fosse Hill 1400px 7 Fosse Hill 1400px 6 Fosse Hill 1400px 5 Fosse Hill 1400px 4 Fosse Hill 1400px 3 Fosse Hill 1400px 2 Fosse Hill 1400px 1 Fosse Hill 1050px Fosse Hill 1050px 7 Fosse Hill 1050px 6 Fosse Hill 1050px 5 Fosse Hill 1050px 4 Fosse Hill 1050px 3 Fosse Hill 1050px 2