Burton Bushes, Beverley.

I decided to have a stroll around BBB with the camera to see if there were any items of interest for the macro lens. I hadn’t been up there for a while and there were plenty of walkers, joggers and dog walkers to keep me company. The Walking Englishman describes the place here.

The main items I wanted to look at were the fungi – here’s a selection of what I came up with.


Basil – no, not the Fawlty type, but the herb.

I usually do pretty well with basil, sown from seed in the greenhouse but this year has seen a bumper crop, so everything with tomatoes has seen basil added liberally to it.

Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil

I grow the standard sweet basil but there are loads of options from the seed catalogues such as Thai, Lemon, Greek & Lime to name but a few. See here for some good information.

Oregano, Thyme, mint and rosemary also did well this year. The tomatoes, grown from seed by my pal Roy, were very obliging.



However, with the onset of Autumn, its nearly time to think about sorting out the greenhouse for next year – a bit difficult though when you’ve got so much still growing strongly.

Cafe Culture

I’ve just had the good fortune to have a number of my images hung in The English Muse cafe in Hull, run by the lovely Maddy.

If you fancy a break from the hustle & bustle, a naughty but very nice cake and a great coffee – go and take a look. My images are all upstairs.

Thanks to my good friend Sophie at John Street Gallery for helping me in the framing department.

The Sesh, Hull 2013

I thought I’d drop by to The Sesh for a while to see the creative talent that we have in Hull – I wasn’t disappointed. I took my new Fuji X20 for a roadtest.



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