Rome to Athens (part 2)

With our adventures in Rome behind us, we were transferred to Civitavecchia where we were due to board the Azamara Journey. It was our first time on this ship – but we had been on the Azamara Quest twice before. It is surprising to find everything exactly in the same place as on the Quest. The Captain is excellent as is his twin brother (for those who have travelled on Azamara Journey before you’ll appreciate the shot I took of them having lunch).

Upon arrival at Civitavecchia we were greeted by the sight of the largest cruise liner in the world, the Harmony of the Seas. It takes 6780 passengers and 2100 crew and has 16 decks. In comparison, the Azamara Journey has less than 700 passengers….

The cruise was brilliant and we saw a few places we hadn’t been to before and some we had. The Captain did us a great favour by changing the schedule around at the end – we swapped Santorini and Mykonos around and that meant that instead of having to fight our way through 15000 passengers from 7 ships, there were only 3500 from 3.

Here are images from the cruise itself :-


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