Fosse Hill Jet ski Centre

One of the evenings we were fortunate to enjoy as part of the f4 photographic group this year was at the Fosse Hill jet ski centre. I had been approaching the evening with some degree of concern owing to the fact that it was my first trip out with the 100-400 lens and 5D mkiii since the Isle of Mull, when a camera problem prevented me from getting any usable images at all. Now corrected thanks to the lovely people at H Lehmann, Stoke on Trent.

Anyway, I digress – here are a few of the images from the evening and I can’t wait for another session. Thanks to Jon Teal for organising it for us all.

Fosse Hill 1400px 12 Fosse Hill 1400px 11 Fosse Hill 1400px 10 Fosse Hill 1400px 9 Fosse Hill 1400px 8 Fosse Hill 1400px 7 Fosse Hill 1400px 6 Fosse Hill 1400px 5 Fosse Hill 1400px 4 Fosse Hill 1400px 3 Fosse Hill 1400px 2 Fosse Hill 1400px 1 Fosse Hill 1050px Fosse Hill 1050px 7 Fosse Hill 1050px 6 Fosse Hill 1050px 5 Fosse Hill 1050px 4 Fosse Hill 1050px 3 Fosse Hill 1050px 2

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