VE Day Anniversary Air Show – RAF Duxford

I’d had this day booked for a while and having been to a show at RAF Waddington last year with my friend Tony Beasty, I had seen the line up and was really looking forward to it. I wasn’t prepared for just how good the show was and there will be quite a number of posts on the day. When people say take extra memory cards and batteries for a day like this, they REALLY do mean it. I exhausted 2 batteries and over 40GB of memory. So much so that I had to switch to jpeg format to save some space at the end. I’ll know better next time. Here are a couple of images of the Red Arrows but there are many more on the “VE Day Anniversary Air Show – RAF Duxford” page.

If you’ve never been to an Air Show – grab the opportunity….

Red Arrows 3 Red Arrows 7 Red Arrows 9 Red Arrows 11 Red Arrows 16

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