Thorp Perrow Arboretum

Had a lovely afternoon at Thorp Perrow. The trees are turning their Autumn colours and leaves are falling rapidly. It’s not at its 100% best yet but still we had a great time. We decided to go yesterday because the Curator was giving a guided walk around and our in depth knowledge of trees is a bit limited. There were so many people there that not only did the Curator walk with a group, we also enjoyed the company of Sir John Ropner whose family have owned Thorp Perrow since 1927. After a good hour going round the arboretum with him, we went back round on our own to take a few images.

Thorp Perrow Autumnal colour Fallen Leaves

We were based in Middleham for a couple of days walking and whilst there, took the opportunity to walk up to The Gallops to see the horses being put through their paces.

On the Gallops again

We were well looked after in the White Swan in Middleham and will go back for another visit sometime.

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