Back from my favourite place – Lake Garda

Sue and I just love Lake Garda. It’s got great scenery, lots of things to do and is blessed with a wonderful climate to do it in. We didn’t go to many places this year, just quiet R & R time. Still, I managed to take a few images with the Fuji X20 – great to carry around. I got a Black Rapid Snap R case for it and it housed my phone and some cash so freed up the pockets a bit.

We noticed this year that the ferries weren’t as full as last year – mainly I think because the prices seem to have gone up dramatically. A shame because it’s without doubt the nicest way to get around the Lake. If you’re going near Gardone, there are a couple of decent points of interest. Take a look at the Heller Gardens and also the Gardens at Il Vittoriale. There are some weird and wonderful items at the Heller gardens and a couple of great naval objects at Il Vittoriale including a ship jutting out the mountainside. Take a look at my “Images from abroad” gallery for more.

Here are a few of my favourites from this year.

Thanks for stopping by.

Torri del Benaco panoramic

Gardone street by night

Artist's shop Torri del Benaco

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